Motorized Drapery at the Touch of a Button

With smooth operation and noise reduction technology, the Glydea® motor is designed to automate drapery window coverings, while offering a variety of control options. The Glydea® motor is available will built-in radio frequency technology (RTS). It’s hand-held remote control transmitters, wireless wall switches, and programmable 24-hours timers also work in combination with both RTS roller shade and cellular shade motors.

System Features & Options

Easy Installation: Compact and lightweight for simple ceiling or wall installation
Power Supply: Low-Voltage DC transformer plugs into standard wall outlet
Smooth and Quiet Operation: Motor uses a direct drive belt that enables quiet operation at 50 dba
Manual Override System: During power outages it is still possible to manually adjust the drapery just
   like a non-motorized track
Home Automation Interfacing: Can be easily integrated with 3rd party home automation
   systems with or without wiring
Robust Capacity: Capable of traversing up to 110 lbs. of fabric 39 ft. with split draw set up
Simple to Program: Advanced electronics eliminate the need for manual limit setting
Draw Options: One-way draw or Split draw
Motor Position: Left or Right
Track Color Available: White
Belt: Drapery belt is PVC coated and will not stretch or break. It is ribbed, not perforated and will not
   slip from pulley
Control: Individual, sub-group, and entire group control
Flexible Control Options
Radio Frequency Technology Option: Long range controls eliminate the need to point or aim the
   transmitter at a drapery with the use of Hand-held transmitters, wireless wall switches, wireless
   24-hour timers, wireless sun sensors, & home automation interfacing
Infra-Red Technology Option: Point and shoot transmitters
Standard Wall Switch Option: Up / Stop / Down wall switches for the most economical solution
Motorized Drapery Track Cut Sheets

Motorized Drapery Track Cut Sheet