Environmental Responsibility

Patrician strongly supports the conservation of our environment through a series of green initiatives that include recycling of scrap aluminum, steel, PVC, and corrugated packaging materials.  Additionally, Patrician Contract offers a wide selection of 100% PVC free fabrics, 100% recyclable fabrics, and GreenGuard Children & Schools certified materials that demonstrate low emitting VOC’s, ensuring indoor air quality.

PVC-Free Roller Shade Fabrics
Patrician offers an extensive line of PVC-Free solar shading fabrics. Eco-friendly SheerWeave Infinity is PVC-free and 100% recyclable. SheerWeave Infinity starts with the only core yarn, synthetic or natural, that is born out of post-industrial waste by-product. Emulating the look and engineering of standard SheerWeave fabrics, Infinity’s yarn coating is developed from the same compound family as its core yarn. Like other SheerWeave fabrics, Infinity provides the same solar heat and glare control properties that have elevated window treatments from mere decoration, to high performance tools for conserving energy, harnessing natural light, and maintaining interior comfort levels. In addition to SheerWeave Infinity simply being 100% recyclable, Mariak offers a Certified Fabric Take-Back program by which this fabric can be recycled at the end of its use.

Phifer SheerWeave Fabrics – Infinity PVC-Free Brochure
Phifer SheerWeave Fabrics – Infinity Environmental Information Brochure
Phifer SheerWeave Infinity Fabric Take Back Form

Patrician also offers a 100% polyester fabric called Vela from Mermet. This sophisticated fabric is based on solid, unsheathed polyester yarns, and can be 100% recycled into additional fabrics, or can be reclaimed and used in the production of other purposes such as mattresses, car insulation, roofing felts and furniture padding. Vela is offered in a variety of colors at a 3% openness factor.

Microban Roller Shade Fabrics
Many of the SheerWeave fabrics used in Patrician’s Sun Control Roller Shades feature Microban certification. Microban antimicrobial protection works continuously for the lifetime of the shade to inhibit the growth of stain-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew. SheerWeave fabrics infused with Microban antimicrobial technology are ideal for any commercial or residential environment where microbes are a concern:

• Healthcare
• Hospitality
• Home & Office
• Schools & Institutions

Phifer SheerWeave Fabrics – Microban Brochure

GreenGuard Roller Shade Fabrics
Many of the SheerWeave fabrics used in Patrician’s Sun Control Roller Shades feature GreenGuard certification and GreenGuard Children & Schools certification. This certification specifically establishes strict chemical emissions standards to ensure indoor air quality.

Phifer SheerWeave Fabrics – GreenGuard Brochure

Aluminum Blind Products
Approximately 80% of the aluminum blind slats used in the fabrication of Patrician’s 1” and 2” aluminum horizontal blinds as well as 80% of the aluminum blind louvers used in the fabrication of Mariak’s 3 ½” aluminum vertical blinds are created from RSI (recycled scrap ingot) and in-process scrap. The remaining 20% is fabricated from prime aluminum ingot.