M-Series Standard Clutch Manual Roller Shades
M-Series Standard Clutch Manual Roller Shades

The heavy-duty chain operated clutch mechanism allows one to position the roller shade with precise accuracy. The bi-directional clutch never needs adjustment. When the operator stops pulling on the bead chain, the clutch stops automatically, holding the shade in the exact position desired. The Mariak clutch mechanism is fabricated from PA6 with glass fiber and is available in both white and black.

Standard Clutch & Aluminum Roller Tube Dimensions
Clutch Exploded Diagram

Clutch Spring Assisted Mechanism

Mariak Contract shading systems offers an optional Spring Assist Clutch Lifting Mechanism. Selecting this option allows the operator to lift heavy and oversized shades that exceed ±85 square feet. The Spring Assist feature is required for very large shades, but it can be added to smaller shades, ensuring lift operation with additional ease. The Spring Assist Clutch assembly includes a heavy-duty wrapped spring that attaches directly to a M16 or M24 clutch mechanism by means of a snap-fit and fixing screw. Shades using a Spring Assist Clutch Mechanism may be operated as left-hand or right-hand control. Regular Roll and Reverse Roll options are also possible with this mechanism.

Manual Roller Shade Product Cut Sheets
Manual Roller Shade Diagrams & Accessory Options
• Clutch Roller Shade with Square Fascia
• Clutch Roller Shade with Round Fascia
• Clutch Roller Shade with Dual Fascia • Level-Correct Bracket™
• Headbox without Tile Receiver • Headbox with Tile Receiver
• Dual Headbox • Mount Strip Wall Hanger
• Side & Sill Channels • Dual Clutch Roller Shade without Fascia
• Clutch Center Support for 2 on 1 Shade • Clutch Multiple Band Coupler for 2 on 1 Shade